Jane Voss is searingly honest in showing her heart and tipping her hand.  She describes some difficult milestones on her journey down this road and turns a ‘long, slow season’ into art and a tribute to the resilience of the spirit.

— Laurie Lewis

Her songwriting is both literate and vernacular.

— Dave Van Ronk

Jane Voss

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Jane Voss


So if there’s ever any question,

If you get to feeling dull and old,

Won’t you let me be your mirror

Where the truth is always told.

In the eye of this beholder

You’re a bright and shining star,

‘’Cause the thing that makes you beautiful is the way you are,

Oh, the thing that makes you beautiful is just the way you are.

From the CD Farther Down the Road

© 1988 Jane Voss, Obscure Origins Music (BMI)

Complete lyrics

The Thing That Makes You Beautiful

has been recorded by these other fine artists:

• Bayou Seco: Little Pleasures of Life  (Zerx, 2000)

• Michael Cooney: Together Again  (Cove Haven Records, 2002)

• Matt Watroba:  The Best Is Yet To Be  (Ledgewood Records, 2002)

• Bayou Seco: 20 Years Happy in the  Bewilderness  (Zerx Records, 2002)

• Eve Goldberg: Crossing the Water  (Borealis, 2003)

• Peter Amidon & The Greater  Brattleboro Singers: Beatitudes (Ammus, 2005)

• Hallowell Singers: Love Call Me Home (Hallowell, 2010)

• Peter & Mary Alice Amidon: Twenty-five Anthems (Amidon Music, 2014)

Jane’s other best-known songs:

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Farther Down the Road

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