“Still (My Thoughts Go Back to You)” deserves to be better known.  I hope this jewel gets recorded by a Nashville star or two and it gets to be so popular you hear it in elevators, and Jane Voss gets to live off the royalties.

— Jody Stecher

Keep in mind that I love you,

Keep in mind that I care,

Though the world that’s moving ‘round you

May bring grief and despair

When you find yourself alone

Amidst the city’s push and shove

Don’t be discouraged,

Keep in mind that you are loved

from the CD An Album of Songs

and the CD Beyond the Boundaries

© 1976 Jane Voss, Obscure Origins Music (BMI)

Complete lyrics

Keep in Mind (That I Love You)

has been recorded by these other fine artists:

Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin: Blue Lightning (Rounder, 1991)

Highly Strung: No Strings Attached  (101 Records, 2000)

Springfield Exit: That Was Then (Patuxtent, 2015)

Jane’s other best-known songs:

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Still (My Thoughts Go Back to You)

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Jane Voss


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