That’s OK

Words and Music by Jane Voss

I hear what you’re saying:

You could go it on alone;

You don’t really need me;

You can make it on your own.

I know that it’s true, Love,

I know that it’s so;

But if it’s for the better,

Doesn’t either of us know.

But that’s okay,

That’s OK;

That’s OK, Sweet Darlin’,

That’s OK.

I guess you really don’t know

What’s drivin’ us apart.

If I knew the answer,

I would never let it start.

One thing I gotta know

Be fore we reach the end –

Is what you’re holdin’  on to

Worth the loss of your best friend?

As you go along your way,

As I travel down mine,

I hope you will remember

How we had it so fine.

We had it so good, Love,

We had it the best;

If I could just remember

And forget all the rest.

copyright © 2001 Jane Voss

Obscure Origins Music (BMI)

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That’s OK